Men'S Denim

Innovative treatments and washes are used to create our unique, contemporary denim range. The cut is crucial and whether you want a relaxed or slick fit, there's a silhouette for you among this expertly developed range.

D-Strukt 069XQ, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 069XQ, Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 069XQ, Military Green - Jeans
D-Strukt 069XQ, Brown - Jeans
D-Strukt 069XQ, Pink - Jeans
D-Macs 069XQ, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Macs 069XQ, Light Brown - Jeans
D-Macs 069XQ, Blue - Jeans
D-Amny 069XJ, Black - Jeans
D-Amny 069XJ, Bordeaux - Jeans
D-Amny 069XJ, Brown - Jeans
D-Fining-Chino 0699P, Military Green - Jeans
D-Fining-Chino 009HF, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining-Chino 0699P, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® Z9A29, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Fining 09B06, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A92, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Fining 069SF, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 009NS, Light Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 009RS, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Viker 09B45, Dark Blue - Jeans
Sleenker 09A85, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® 069YH, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Viker 09A12, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Viker 09A79, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Fining 009ZU, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A97, Light Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 0688H, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Fining 009HF, Dark Blue - Jeans
Sleenker 09A75, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Fining 09A14, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
Sleenker 069XD, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Viker 09A21, Light Blue - Jeans
Sleenker 09B07, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 009NF, Light Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 069SV, Light Grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A14, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Viker 09A15, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
Sleenker 069XC, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A92, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Viker 09B46, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A96, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Viker 09B42, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 09B03, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Viker 09A92, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A87, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Viker 084HN, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09B24, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
Sleenker 009PN, Medium blue - Jeans
Sleenker 09A86, Light Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 069SU, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
Sleenker 09A89, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 09B40, Light Blue - Jeans
D-Viker 09B28, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® 069XN, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® 0670M, Light Brown - Jeans
D-Strukt 009MW, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Viker 0AFAF, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A83, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 009MH, Light Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A98, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 09B25, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® 069YQ, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 09B19, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® 0670M, Military Green - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® 069YQ, Brown - Jeans
D-Viker 0KDAV, Blue/Brown - Jeans
D-Strukt 09B34, Black/Brown - Jeans
D-Viker 0AFAK, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09B57, Light Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® 0670M, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A91, Light Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt JoggJeans® 09B04, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 009GQ, Dark Blue - Jeans
Sleenker 09A17, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A45, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A80, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A48, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A12, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A80, Medium blue - Jeans
Sleenker 09A43, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A20, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A15, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Fining 09A48, Dark Blue - Jeans
Sleenker 09A60, Medium blue - Jeans
Sleenker 09A18, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A20, Dark Blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A73, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Fining 09A15, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Fining Z9A05, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A11, Black/Dark grey - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A50, Military Green - Jeans
D-Strukt 09A13, Medium blue - Jeans
D-Fining 09A45, Dark Blue - Jeans

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